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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is massage therapy for?'​

Everyone! Whether you are looking for relaxation, pain management, or ​improved range of motion. Massage has many health benefits while making you feel relaxed in a comfortable environment.

  • Which massages are best for neck/back pain?

Therapeutic Massage. We combine several techniques utilizing ​heat, Deep Tissue Massage, and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching. 

  • How do massages help with stress?

Swedish Massage is recommended for stress as it directly influences the nervous system by slowing down your heart rate and releasing hormones that stimulate calmness and relaxation. ​

  • How does massage therapy work?

Massage therapy is provided by a Licensed Massage Therapist who has undergone 500+ hours of massage school and board certified by the state in which they practice. ​The provider generally works at a facility that promotes health and wellness.

  • Can I get a massage while pregnant?

Absolutely! This is called a prenatal massage and requires the provider to utilize techniques that keep both the parent and child safe while influencing relaxation. 

  • Why is massage therapy important?

Massage therapy is so important for pain management and wellbeing. As we get older, our bodies tend to hurt more. With MT, providers are able to initiate relief for the aches and pains that life throws at us.  ​

  • What do I wear to a massage?

Whatever makes your feel comfortable and safe. Clients are asked to remove clothing of the affected areas.​Typically, most people clients remove all clothing or just leave their bottom under garments on. The client is covered at all times under a sheet and blankets other than the areas being currently worked on. 

  • What if I need to use the restroom during the massage?

This is a very natural occurrence. As the body is being manipulated by massage and stretch, pressure can be applied to parts of the body that influence the need to use the restroom. In the event, the practitioner will pause the session to allow the client to use the restroom and then resume once relieved. 

  • Why choose massage therapy over a regular luxury massage?

Luxury massages are part of Massage therapy. However, at Nourishing Hands, we specialize in Therapeutic Massage that helps relieve pain and extend range of motion. 

  • Is massage therapy covered by insurance?

Sometimes. It depends on the insurance and if the massage is prescribed by a medical practitioner. However, some HSAs will cover Therapeutic Massage. It's best to ask your insurance provider prior to your massage. ​

  • Can massage therapy help a pinched nerve?

Sometimes. If the nerve is being pinched due to muscular tension, then yes. It's best to seek the advice of your medical provider before receiving a massage if you have any concerns.

  • What are some conditions massage therapy can help?

Massage can help with limited range of motion, depression, ​anxiety, muscular pain, repetitive stress injury, headaches & migraines, fatigue, and many more. Consult with your therapist about your condition to see if massage is right for you. 

  • What are some benefits of massage therapy on mental health?

Massage Therapy promotes relaxation and helps stimulate your feel good hormones. In addition, massage and wellness help keep your body in working order to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

  • How is massage therapy different from utilizing a chiropractor or physical therapy?

All practices promote healing and relief. Massage therapy focuses on kneading and manipulating muscle tissue from a licensed practitioner. All modalities can be used together to help with pain relief. Ask your medical practitioner on what they feel would be the best path for your healing journey. 

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